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Fruit Doula

What is it & Why do we need them?

Just as a human doula provides professional physical assistance during childbirth, a fruit doula provides assistance during the harvest season to make the property owners' experience the best possible. 

By working with homeowners, our designated Fruit Doula keeps in touch with proprietors booking harvesting services to ensure we honor the fruit by gleaning at both peak deliciousness, but also when it is firm enough to transport safely to its final distribution destination. 

Ripeness is key, and it is the hardest part of our job.

We encourage you to review how to know your fruit is ready and to book our harvesting services.

FIFABQ's Fruit Doula will be in touch within 72 hours of your harvest to follow up on your fruit's ripeness and condition to ensure peak conditions. 


Is It Ready?

Ripeness is key and
it's the hardest part of our job.

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Apples & Pears Flow

Did your fruit pass the test?

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