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Gift of Growing

Fostering Hope : Creating Change

December 2019 and January 2020, FIFABQ was full of dreams and lofty goals. By February we accomplished our big Seed Share at The Source in Albuquerque.


We were excited to host the event on Leap Day and encourage people to use their extra day and extra time this year planning gardens to feed themselves and their community. Seeds were gifted to the over 300 folks who attended the event - little did we know - this was going to have more impact than we ever could have imagined.


By March 2020 plans were changing. Needs were changing. Norms were changing. The Gift of Growing was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

But Why? This is what FIFABQ does. We shuck. Idle hands + brains lead to increased uncertainty and anxiety for us and we KNEW the community needed HOPE and needed stability. The need exploded as grocery stores were running low on supplies everywhere, but even more so in the food deserts. 

Our community is resilient. They are loving. They are supporting. They care for one another and have given us more love and backing than we could have ever dreamt! (Especially when we were tearing apart pallets for very simple growing boxes and sourcing pots from volunteers)


The uncertainty is still here - we don't know what our new normal will be or when it will be - the need for stability and securing our community food chain will be needed for months and years to come.


We offer to you, our community, our friends, our everything, some very simple and basic instruction of creating your own growing space and serenity. You'll also find the places we think are the bee's knees for filling your boxes + bellies.

Happy growing with the gift that continues to give. 

Want to start your own

Gift of Growing where you live?

Here’s everything you need!

Erin's Instructional Video for the Self-Watering Boxes

The Builders

Each of our builders has their own style and techniques. Check them out below!

Build like Builder Phil! He has included a supply list. cut list, and step by step instructions!

Build like Builder Daniel! He has included illustrations + directions!

More to Come

Check back soon for more building plans + options from our crazy talented crew!

Our Favorite Resources for Growing


Do you want to be cool like us and add a Dragonfly stencil to your growing boxes?

Read more about the meaning

of the dragonfly +
Download the stencil below!

soil + compost

Soil Gifted from:


Compost Gifted from:

Mandy's Farm
                 via Little Green Bucket

seeds + plants


  • Osuna Nursery 

  • Plant World  

  • Plants of the SW 

  • Alameda Greenhouse

  • Rehm's Nursery

  • Jackalope

Via Mail:

  • Baker Creek Seeds (Rare Seeds)

  • High Mowing

  • Hart's Seeds

  • Sandia Seed** 

    **local + available at many nurseries

Links to Seeds,   Soil

+ Contributors

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