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Tuesday , Nov 28, 2023



Encourage social empowerment through the growing and sharing of fresh food. 



Expand outreach, providing fresh, locally sourced food to those in need, and fostering sustainable agriculture practices.  FIFABQ aims to strengthen our commitment to providing nourishment, hope, and resilience to the people of Albuquerque.



A multi-faceted approach to address food insecurity and promote community sustainability. 

FIFABQ offers a multi-faceted approach to addressing food insecurity & commUnity sustainability. 

  1. Community Gleaning: FIFABQ plans to expand its community harvesting efforts, increasing the capacity to access and share fresh, locally sourced food. This expansion allows for more produce to be distributed to individuals and families facing food insecurity.

  2. Increased Food Access: FIFABQ aims to provide greater access to nutritious, fresh food for underserved and vulnerable populations in Albuquerque. 

  3. Sustainable Agriculture: FIFABQ is committed to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Funding will support the organization's efforts to minimize environmental impact, reduce food waste, and promote eco-friendly techniques.

  4. Community Engagement: FIFABQ actively engages the commUnity in its mission. We organization hosts educational workshops, growing access, and volunteer opportunities to empower individuals to participate in sustainable food production.

  5. Partnerships: We establish and maintain partnerships with local businesses, organizations, private residences, and larger farms/orchards, which allows for the efficient use of surplus produce and enhances our ability to reach a broader audience.

  6. Advocacy and Awareness: FIFABQ advocates for the importance of community-based food initiatives and sustainable agriculture. Funding supports our efforts to raise awareness about food insecurity issues and inspire change at the local and regional levels.

  7. Scalability: We plan for expansions to serve immediate needs and create a scalable model for addressing food insecurity and promoting sustainability in other communities.

YOU are invited to join FIFABQ in making a tangible difference in the lives of Albuquerque residents by supporting these initiatives. By investing in this comprehensive solution, you can help alleviate hunger, empower communities, and promote sustainable practices that benefit both people and the planet.

Ways to Help

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Fund a
Lead Harvester


Lead Harvesters make the magic happen. They create harvest availability and the ability to feed our commUnity.


Fund Programs


Includes Harvesting, Seed Shares, Annual Book Giveaway &Pop-Up Projects.


Fund Growth


Community Outreach, Increase Harvest Service Areas, Program Development.


Fund Tools


Includes Seeds, Books, Tools, etc

IN 2023,

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