FIFABQ at a Glance

Here we believe that everyone has a place at our table.  Whether we are sharing food or ideas; all are welcome at our hearth.  We understand the deep connection humans have with their food and we strive to reconnect human beings with the abundance which surrounds us all.  We see an abundance not only in food but community action and compassion.  Our commitment to our community is finding solutions which empower the people, not only in our community, but the world.


"Sometimes we have to 'make it weird' to get through difficult conversations and that is how we break through the narrative"

- Food is Free Founders


Shucking is a verb

It's also an adjective

FIFABQ is a group of movement.  We work closely with the growing season and this means we operate with focused flexibility and a flare of spontaneity.  We call this Shucking.  It simply describes our movements through the world and we are passionate about what we do! 
Check the links below to find out how YOU can become a fellow Shucker on our team!


About Us

Food is Free is a global movement that was started in Austin, TX. The Albuquerque chapter was started in 2014! We are a gleaning group that does some fun pop-up events!

Find out more about how we got here!


Community Events

We have a variety of events in the FIFABQ team! There are so many ways to be involved and so many ways you can contribute to our mission and find your own freedom!

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Get Involved

Creativity has become our specialty! We understand help comes in many forms and many places.  We offer many opportunities to become involved in supporting our mission!

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