Donate Your Harvest!

Schedule  a    FIFABQ-led or Home Harvest Pickup!

What is a FIFABQ-led harvest?

  • Click the link below and schedule your harvest 

    • please give 1-week notice

  • A team of FIFABQ Volunteers will come to you & glean

  • FIFABQ will distribute!


What is a Home Harvest?

  • Click the link below to schedule your harvest PICKUP

    • please give 48-72 hours notice

  • FIFABQ will pick up & distribute!

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Quotation Marks

I recently moved into a new home with a huge plum tree. Since it’s just myself and my son, I was really excited to be able to share our fruit with the community. Being able to borrow harvesting equipment from FIFABQ made the process easy, and I got to talk to my four-year-old about why we were sharing our harvest with others. He was a great helper and was excited about the process, too. - Jessie


Do you need gleaners?

We can help!

Give us a call/text or email

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What can I do with excess food?

Let's talk about it...

FIFABQ requires at least 50 pieces of fresh food in order to pick up. This can be a mixture of fruit/vegetables, but the quantity will remain the same.

But what if I don't have that much?

We have some suggestions:

  • Share with your neighbors + friends

  • Contact a nearby shelter/community center/food bank

  • Create a trading system with your neighbors

  • Get creative freeze/dehydrate/ can for future use/sharing

  • Give us a shout if you need more ideas or donation avenues!

Why am I donating my extra fruit/vegetables?

More than 70,000 hungry New Mexicans seek food assistance every week, between 30% - 40% are children and 21% are seniors over the age of 60. We believe fresh food is a human right and harvest season is a great time to share extra food + build community.

Don't worry- we've got you!

Just click HERE to schedule a FIFABQ Led Harvest!

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I definitely need

help harvesting!