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Community Connections


Our Small Business and Non-Profit relationships allow us to further the mission of bettering the community and the lives of those who live within it.
We partner with those doing good within the community, partnering our strengths, supporting one antoher and creating something better, together, fully supported.

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Our goal is to develop an agricultural model that is specifically adapted to the ecology of this place, truly regenerative, and socially as well as economically sustainable.

Polk’s Folly Farm is a small family run operation in the Eastern foothills of the Sandia Mountains. We specialize in heritage breed hogs, and also raise a small flock of laying hens, ducks, and a few head of cattle. We have planted 1/4 acre of apple trees and hope to continue transforming the property into a silvopastoral oasis. Our goal is to develop an agricultural model that is specifically adapted to the ecology of this place, truly regenerative, and socially as well as economically sustainable.

They say pigs are the garbage disposals of nature and they really appreciate the yummy windfalls we bring when we visit!



Bringing high quality, low cost solar installations to the southwest market.

They are dedicated to supporting the local community, both Ocotillo & FIFABQ are excited to have this new friendship!  

Are you looking for solar to be installed at your house?  Mention Food is Free Albuquerque and for each referred system Ocotillo will donate a portion of the proceeds to support our organization!



The Power of Love and Local Food

Three Sisters Kitchen is a non-profit community food space in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. A place where delicious, affordable, and locally produced foods come together to nourish our community from the ground up.

Whether you love to eat, love to cook, or want to learn more about food as medicine, the Three Sisters Kitchen Community Classroom is a place to explore and have fun in the kitchen with your community. We offer multi-generational, multi-lingual, community-based culinary, business, nutrition, and health education to build confidence and creativity in the kitchen.



Ensuring that farmers are rewarded with well above fair trade coffee prices. This is one of the most important initiatives here at Trifecta Coffee Company.

Aside from their commitment to fair prices and fair treatment of those in the coffee business, Trifecta was the FIRST business to support our 2020 Accessible Gardens Program! They are good people who care about the people, the community, and the process.

All coffee is roasted on the premises. The whole bean selection includes coffees from over 18 countries of origin and 5 growing regions worldwide. We commit 5 cents for every pound of green coffee purchased to an organization called The Coffee Trust. This organization works with coffee farmers and their families in the Ixil region of Guatemala. They provide help in this community of 1300 families. They engage with local problems spanning from agriculture, nutrition, and economic diversity. Trifecta holds two main fundraisers yearly on New years Day and National Coffee Day in support of the work done by The Coffee Trust.



Stop feeding the Landfill...Start feeding the Soil.

Albuquerque's Residential Food Scrap Collection Service. This ever doing, good do-er founded Little Green Bucket to close a gap in Albuquerque's food waste management sector. They are contributing to the good of New Mexico's emerging green economy by diverting 100% of the food waste collected to Soilutions' compost facility in the South Valley, where it is recycled into nutrient-rich compost products and sold back to local farmers and gardeners.
They are Albuquerque's only residential food scrap collection business!