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Down to Earth: A Gardener’s Guide to the Albuquerque Area (book)

I learned about the Down to Earth book about 2 years after I moved here. I have not looked back. There is a well of knowledge in this handy spiral book. The book has guides for what to do and what to prepare for on a monthly calendar.  You can find it at the library or via the Master Gardeners website or at FIFABQ's Community Space.


(pronounced OY-yuh) is a handmade terracotta clay pot used as an ancient method of drip irrigation for container gardening or ground applications.

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Find them handmade directly from East Central Ministry

**We do not ship the ollas, they are only available for purchase locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico.**

Our ollas are available for purchase in Albuquerque at our main office, 123 Vermont St NE.  We sell ollas throughout the year (not just seasonally in the spring with our seedling sales). 


During this coronavirus season and due to practical staffing, we are selling ollas only during plant sale times: Fridays 12-4pm, Saturdays 9am - 1pm, starting April 23.  If you need ollas before then, please email your order, and we'll get back with you about scheduling a pickup time. 




or at FIFABQ's Community Space

During Business Hours

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