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Year End Report

Over the past eight years, this community-powered gleaning program has redistributed 100,000+ pounds of backyard produce. Originally started by two moms, their kids, and laundry baskets, FIFABQ has grown into a community fixture entrusted by homeowners, farmers, and organizations. Demand for services has exploded. Volunteer registrations increased by 700%+. Harvest calendars were booked six weeks out. Since 2020, 52,000+ pounds have been harvested and distributed, making up 61% of the combined eight years.

Consistently found in the top ranks for food insecurity, lowest per capita income, and drought-impacted, New Mexico is an ideal location to demonstrate the impacts of gleaning. An estimated 1+ million pounds of fresh food grows annually in the yards of Greater Albuquerque Area residents. Most of this valuable commodity is wasted. With fresh foods being one of the most requested items from food distribution organizations, gleaning helps fill this niche by providing local in-season produce.

FIFABQ’s audacious goal is for Albuquerque to become the first city to utilize 100% of its human-edible, locally-grown produce within its community. While it will take several years to accomplish, we are not daunted. We are inspired.


We extend our greatest gratitude to all who have gotten us here and redefined the power of commUnity.


Fresh Food Is a Human Right.

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