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Current New Mexico CommUnity Gardens

Schools, Community Centers, Cities are educating the community and future generations about where good food comes from and how to grow it.

Image by Arnaldo Aldana

ABQ Area Gardens

Santa Fe Gardens

City of Santa Fe Page

Contact: Jessie Esparza
Parks Project Specialist
1142 Siler Rd, Bldg C 
Santa Fe, NM  87504

(505) 955-2106

Southern New Mexico Gardens

La Semilla Food Center 

Anthony, NM

Las Cruces

Tony Gomez Community Garden 

Las Esperanzas Community Garden

Sage Community Garden

Northern New Mexico Gardens

San Juan County

The Old Farm House Community Garden

New Beginnings Community Garden

PATH Community Garden

Aztec Methodist Church Community Garden

FBC-Bloomfield Community Garden

Ruins Heritage Garden

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