How Did We Get Here?

Food is Free Albuquerque began in August of 2014, almost by accident. Erin and Trista, both avid canners and food preservers, had seen many fruit trees around Albuquerque that appeared to be going unused. An ad placed on the local Craigslist asking for access to the unused fruit trees was about to play a critical role in their futures. Over the next few days the ladies, overwhelmed with all the responses, arranged their first harvest. To their surprise and delight the first pick yielded over 100 pounds of fruit; more than enough for their own families. Knowing there were other harvest opportunities, it was in that moment both knew they had fallen onto something that was bigger than them.


The Food is Free Project is a global movement started in Austin, Texas by John Vandeusen Edwards promoting front yard gardens and sharing the excess with the community. Using this project base Erin and Trista requested permission to use the Food is Free name to create their own local chapter.  A Facebook page was created, and just like that, their first harvest as Food is Free Albuquerque was complete. Discussion during harvesting lead to the "What next?" and "Where on Earth would all these apples go?" In the end, the decision was made; the first box was left at a busy city bus stop with a sign taped to it "Free Apples."


It is well known that groups need volunteers. Who were theirs? Trista and Erin's combined five home-schooled children were the first to jump in line.  Often times simply playing make believe games of childhood while the crazy moms grasped for apples. The children have played a very active role in Food is Free Albuquerque from going on harvests to helping manage events. While they are now moving into their own passions, they still tell the story of our beginnings. 


The Food is Free Albuquerque mission touches many social issues facing humans across the globe.


 Food is power, and it is our mission to help give that power back.  

Fresh Food is a Human Right.