For many, THIS is a favorite seasonal program!

Our Harvesting Program is really what gave Food is Free ABQ it's start.

It gives us a chance to see so much of the beauty of this city - once you KNOW what fruit trees look like - you see them EVERYWHERE! It is beautiful and magical to drive down a street and see a bright orange orb peeking over a fence or around a corner. This beauty is only made more magical when we can serve our core beliefs.

Fresh Food is a Human Right
IG  Harvest Totals 2021.png

Each year FIFABQ harvests dozens of trees and shucks thousands of pounds of food through our Gleaning/Harvesting Program. Fruit trees typically produce hundreds of pounds of edible food and the typical family can not keep up with the production Then,  it begins to rot and fall.

This is where we come in!

An added bonus to our homeowners, besides feeling great, is you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the end of the year.