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Seasonal Harvesting

Discover the beauty of our city with a commUnity favorite: our harvesting program!

Get to know the fruit trees and you'll see them everywhere you go. Driving down the street, you'll be amazed by the bright orange orbs peeking over fences and around corners. Experience the magic of nature while serving our commUnity.

Individuals and Organizations who donate food are protected from criminal and civil liability under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Our work at Food is Free Albuquerque falls under the coverage of this legislation. Read more about the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.


Please Note: We do not harvest crab apples, mulberries, or prickly pear.


Schedule FIFABQ
to harvest on site.

As of 2024 FIFABQ has expanded to include ABQ, Belen, Rio Rancho, Corrales, Santa Fe & their surrounding/ in between areas.

 If you are outside our service area or are unsure, please contact us for availability at 

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5 or more trees?

Schedule FIFABQ
to harvest your farm or orchard!



Join our interest form or email:

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Harvest your own tree & schedule FIFABQ to come pick up/distribute


*service only available in
Greater ABQ 


Join the Team!

Sign up to volunteer with us and join in the harvesting fun

Do you have less than 50 pieces of produce to donate?

We suggest connecting with neighbors or directly contacting nearby distributors or pantries for a direct donation. 

Do you want to schedule a harvest but have a few questions? We've got you covered, check out our F.A.Q.


We have come to realize the task of giving away food is a highly personal endeavor but even more is the acceptance of food.  Human beings are intricately tied to food and there is a deep psychological impact tied to hunger.

 It is our duty to give, not our duty to decide who is and is not hungry. Hunger is prevalent throughout our city and state.

Fresh food is a human right, and no one should be denied.

Where does the food go?

  • Most of our harvests to food banks, kitchens, and other organizations feeding our community through direct distributions or meal preparations. 

What about overly ripe fruit?

  •  At FIFABQ, we take pride in our Mindful Distribution program, which helps us tackle the challenges of working with perishable foods, especially delicate stone fruits. Our team is always ready to think on their feet and move quickly to ensure the best quality produce for our community. We believe in honoring the produce and our community organizations by donating only the appropriate poundage and quality of produce that an organization can handle.

How can individuals get some fruit?

  •  Our community giveaways will always be posted on our social media pages due to the impromptu nature of these events, which are determined on the day of harvests and the availability of Lead Harvesters. We are passionate about providing fresh and nourishing food to everyone in our community. Our bountiful harvests often yield 300-500 pounds of produce, which we share with local organizations that have the infrastructure to distribute them. By keeping our donations within the local community, we hope to make a positive impact on food insecurity in our area. 

Where do you donate?

  • Join us in our mission to make a difference in people's lives by building human connections and listening to the voices of those we serve. We believe that giving away food should be more than just dropping it off at a location. Our network is always evolving, and we are constantly looking for new outlets to diversify our distribution points and reach more people in the community. Find many of our commUnity Partners Here.

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