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Becoming a Gleaner

This is a favorite task among many! We work hard to ensure we are creating efficient teams for each individual harvest. Don't worry you won't have to learn alone, as we always send our volunteers with a trained leader who is in charge of the individual harvest. While this job is a very tasking position it is highly rewarding one!

We take great pride in what we do and are vigilant in ensuring that reads through in how we conduct ourselves on each harvest.  We are working on private property, more often than not, and we work closely with our donors to ensure the property is cared for as though it was our own.

Our trained leaders are tasked with ensuring our high standards are upheld at each and every harvest.  As a volunteer you will be provided the required tools to achieve the job you are given. As the donor or the volunteer you can rest easy knowing our utmost goal is creating and nurturing long lasting relationships.

Sign up today and roll up your sleeves, it's time to get shucking.
Let's feed people!