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Ways to Give


FIFABQ is committed to tackling the problem of food security in New Mexico. With the support of our donors, we can make a positive impact on the community by enhancing harvesting and distribution techniques. Join us in our quest to build a brighter future for all in our commUnity.

Individuals and Organizations who donate food are protected from criminal and civil liability under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Our work at Food is Free Albuquerque falls under the coverage of this legislation. Read more about the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

By Check


PO Box 51641,
Albuquerque, NM 87181


How Else Can You Donate?

How Do We Use Your Donation?

Donations are an integral part of our community. Each contribution helps us to grow and strengthen our bonds through harvests, events, connections, and distributions. We appreciate every donation and the impact it has on our community.

What are some of the ways we use your donations?

  • Safety, training, and human connection

  • Feed commUnity members struggling with nutrition

  • Employ Lead Harvesters, allowing FIFABQ to harvest and distribute more fresh, local produce to our commUnity

  • Create and execute Empowerment Projects

  • Curb carbon emissions by redirecting excess

  • Program growth and expansion

Embrace the opportunity to transform lives through the power of recurring donations!

By choosing to make your contribution a monthly commitment, you enable us to establish a reliable and continuous flow of support that ensures we can consistently assist our vibrant community. Your generous contributions not only provide fresh food to community members but also champion the cause of food equity.

Embody the spirit of lasting impact as your support leaves an enduring mark on the well-being of our community. Join us in creating a brighter, healthier future through the ongoing support that your monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly donations bring.

FIFABQ's Shuckers

Our Monthly Donors

Julie C., Tim & Lucia A.,  Patrick B., Jolie L., Gayle G, Chris P, Heather B., Paula D., Byron & Tania L., Teryl F., Steve N., Ted S., Caitlyn A., Edwina R., Laurie Z., Chelsi F., Jeffrey A., J.T.

"The Trucksters"

Who are the Trucksters? Shuckers who came to the rescue of Beastie when she was in urgent need of repair, just in time for the harvest season.  Thank you to Lucia, Tim, Linda, and Bruce TRUCK + SHUCKER = Truckster

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