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Ways to Give


Food security is one of the largest issues facing the New Mexican population and is only expected to grow in the coming years due to climate change and cuts in social programs. By supporting FIFABQ, you are getting boots on the ground enabling better harvesting, distribution, and furthering the good we can produce in the community through our various programming.


By Check


PO Box 51641, Albuquerque, NM 87181

Your contributions support fresh food for our commUnity members and promote food equity. 

Your impact will be felt for years to come.

FIFABQ appreciates and counts on people & organizations to help fund our mission. 

Now you can invite your friends, family, and co-workers to help deter food waste and feed our commUnity. Peer fundraisers are an excellent way to celebrate any milestone or to honor a loved one.

Just as we invite fun into our work, we invite YOU to have fun. This could include friendly competition among local businesses! 


Click the button below and choose "I Want To Fundraise for This" to start your own fundraiser! If you have a fun or unique fundraising idea, we'd love to hear it! 


How Do We Use Your Donation?

Each level of sponsorship truly means something. 

Your contribution makes a difference with opportunities ranging from $5 to $250+.

  • Ensure safety, training, and human connection

  • Feed commUnity members struggling with nutrition

  • Curb carbon emissions by redirecting excess

  • Program growth and expansion

Consider making your donation monthly! Donations can be automated for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly donations. A steady stream of support means we can count on assistance in serving our commUnity.


FIFABQ Shuckers

Julie C.  -   Tim & Lucia A.  -   Patrick B.

Jolie L.  -   Gayle G  -  Chris P  -   Heather B.

Paula D.  -   Byron & Tania L.  -   Teryl F.     
Steve N.  
-   Ted S.  -   Caitlyn A.  -   Edwina R.

Our Monthly Donors

FIFABQ Shuckers

"The Trucksters"

Who are the Trucksters? Shuckers who came to the rescue of Beastie when she was in urgent need of repair, just in time for the harvest season.  
TRUCK + SHUCKER = Truckster

Thank you to Lucia, Tim, Linda, and Bruce 


" You are doing a fantastic job of building community and making our world a better place!"

—  Ann M.

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