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PO Box 51641

 Albuquerque , NM 87181

Garden Box Instructions

Create Your Own Garden Space

Each of our builders has their own style and techniques. Check them out below!

Erin's Instructional Video for the Self-Watering Boxes

Everything you need to giveaway boxes in your community!


Our Favorite Resources for Growing

Image by Hunter Haley

Build like Builder Phil! He has included a supply list. cut list, and step by step instructions!

Image by Oxa Roxa

Build like Builder Daniel! He has included illustrations + directions!

Image by Sneaky Elbow

More to Come

Check back soon for more building plans + options from our crazy talented crew!

Links to Seeds,   Soil
+ Contributors



Do you want to be cool like us and add a Dragonfly stencil to your growing boxes?

Read more about the meaning

of the dragonfly +
Download the stencil below!

new box gift of growing

soil + compost

Soil Gifted from:


Compost Gifted from:

Mandy's Farm
                 via Little Green Bucket


seeds + plants


  • Osuna Nursery 

  • Plant World  

  • Plants of the SW 

  • Alameda Greenhouse

  • Rehm's Nursery

  • Jackalope

Via Mail:

  • Baker Creek Seeds (Rare Seeds)

  • High Mowing

  • Hart's Seeds

  • Sandia Seed** 

    **local + available at many nurseries

Please consider supporting our community sponsors for your growing needs

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