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A Gift of Change

Some time ago we shared the sad news that Erin’s truck could go no further. FIFABQ has always used our privately-owned vehicles to do this work, but this was the first one to really break. Suddenly the group was stalled. What was the next step to ensure programming continued?

We asked you, the community, and we made do with what we had to get the work done - We kept shucking.

After 6 years of living by the motto ‘just keep shucking, it will come’, something magic happened.

An answer to our need. The offer of a gift.

A grant was given in order for FIFABQ to make a purchase that would alter the course of their work.

A gift that honored the work.

No bells or whistles. Possibly the most basic of truck chassis made but the bed is what is the real eye-catcher. 12 feet by 8 ft for a whopping 98 square feet of space for hauling the items needing to be hauled. An engine made for the heavy work ahead.

It’s okay that the windows are hand cranks and one must lay across the seat to unlock the manual locks. We aren’t the bells-and-whistles type anyway.

She’s beautiful and she’s perfect. Most importantly, she’s Ours.

In the one month since purchasing, we have shucked dirt, boxes, fruit, compost, & lots of Heart.

We have painted her so everyone knows who is pulling up.

She isn’t even a little bit cute, she is a beast. A Work Truck, designed for heavy-duty work, which we happily give her.

Our Little Beastie.

Because of your support, we were able to add this heavy-duty shucker to our crew. No more worrying about breaking vehicles due to carrying too much weight. No more making multiple trips with multiple vehicles. No more leaving food in the field because we are out of space. Thank you for this gift and your support.

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