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Friends, We Need to Talk...

A few things have come to our attention we must address.

Please please read this post and please share it.


FIFABQ-led harvests It has been brought to our attention regarding multiple properties that have been contacted by a "FIFABQ representative" who has come to an agreement about the care and harvest of said properties. THIS IS NOT AN FIFABQ REPRESENTATIVE. There are two people who manage the harvest booking and management, Erin & Sam. We do not wish to covet all the fruits or harvests. However, when using our name without permission does a disservice to our organization’s work. We are very focused on food safety, tree care, homeowner relationships, and volunteer safety, so it is important our org's name is not used without our permission.

*Volunteers and Homeowners *After a harvest* It has recently come to our attention of a homeowner being addressed After a harvest stating “they had not had the opportunity to harvest with us this year” and asked if they could please harvest for themselves. This is NEVER ok or condoned by us. We are adamant about maintaining as much homeowner privacy as possible. We do this by never posting addresses until we meet volunteers at a designated site. We work exceedingly hard to build relationships with homeowners and practice due diligence that using our organization does not open them up to soliciting. If you or anyone wishes to cold call a house to request harvest permission, that is your own prerogative but do not use FIFABQ as a representative organization if we have not explicitly accepted.

Properties with seemingly *unused fruit*

Each year it is brought to our attention that tree owners losing their fruit to folks harvesting it. This always saddens us to see because we are so dedicated to always gaining permission.

  • Do not assume an unattended tree is up for grabs

  • Just because you can reach it does not mean it’s up for grabs

  • Do not assume the fruit is going to waste

If the fruit is falling and no one answers the door….walk away. It sucks. It’s sad. But it’s the right thing to do.



You made it here.

We love you all We love this city We love the trees

We love this organization, and it’s oh so important we keep working cohesively within our community.

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