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A Story of Purpose

We’ve written many times about our story

Maybe so much you’re sick of it

Sometimes I’m sick of it

Not because it’s not beautiful

And magical

And wonderful

But because I know this story is deeply privileged

I’ve still got so much to learn

Each of us does

Gleaning isn’t a new concept

It wasn’t our idea

It was simply the path we found purpose

I know the creation to create this mission

It was a privilege

One we don’t take lightly

Gleaning has a long history

A history that includes but is not limited to

Community care

Societal obligation

And worse


Many times through history gleaning has been a reliable way to ensure food made its way to community members in dire need

At one point it was a biblical obligation

At others, it was mandated through government policy

Systemic poverty, hunger, and disenfranchisement have all played their roles

We, however, have gotten to partake in gleaning with great joy and exuberance

Which I will never stop being thankful for

We have been welcomed into countless homes and properties with offers of shade, refuge, snacks, and care

Oh, this makes my heart with pride

Gleaning is all of those things, but it’s something else too

It’s opportunity

It’s a resource available to us all

It’s commUnity

The growth we have witnessed during these years is profound

It’s a growing whisper that commUnity is everything

It is my humble of wishes that we as an organization and as people

Remember we were not the creators of this concept

We are merely vessels to aid the many, many others

Who is doing the hard work

Who have come first to lay the groundwork

Who will come next to pick up and carry this in brand new directions

The biggest growth is this

Willingness to learn

Willingness to be wrong

And a willingness to try

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