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A Sweet Swap

Our third annual seed swap! Can you believe it?! I often can’t!

Here we were though, planning another seed swap. Baker Creek and High Mowing organics have again come through and gifted us hundreds of seed packets!

For the location this year we chose The Source, which if you haven’t been I highly recommend! It’s such a unique center of activity.

We posted the event a month prior to our Facebook page, as per normal. We didn’t know this year would be anything BUT normal.

The event took off on social media. Hundreds of people marking interested or going. I understand the algorithms to a degree, and I could not understand the organic reach we were experiencing.

When we hit 700 people we were pretty shocked. When we hit 1000, then 1.5K and climbing, our eyes were like saucers.

The day came and we laid out hundreds upon hundreds packs of seeds. We had no idea how many people would come. I won’t lie to you dear reader, for the first time we were worried we wouldn’t have enough seeds.

Promptly at 10am there was a line of visitors. The conference room was packed!

We did not see the thousands of people but we would guess we saw at least 100 people. So many seeds going to gardens around the city. An equal amount of seeds being exchanged.

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