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Alameda Greenhouse: An FIFABQ HERO

Welcome to our newest series of blogs!

It will have to be a series because FIFABQ has a multitude of folks that keep us moving! Through donations, kind words, shucking, & so much love.

Without further ado! Alameda Greenhouse! Let me introduce you...

“Before we were Alameda Greenhouse, we started out as a hydroponic tomato farm run by a gentleman named Al. He got the inspiration to build his greenhouse here after working at a flower shop and deciding to strike out on his own. Wanting to expand his business into bedding plants, he hired Steve in 1986. The greenhouse took off, and over the years we would grow from one greenhouse to nine. We would eventually have hundreds of pepper and tomato varieties and plant thousands of perennials every year. He would also develop a skilled, bombastic team of loyal staff. Some have worked here for more than 20 years!”

The founders of FIFABQ began frequenting Alameda when they ventured into their own gardening adventures. The greenhouses on site are so big and sprawling. Plants everywhere and staff were always willing to answer questions or assist the two “new to the desert” gardeners.

The greenhouse entered our list of local greenhouses the organization could direct people to for their own growing adventures.

Fast-forward to 2020...

A year we are all going to remember for a very long time to come.

Customers swarmed to local nurseries buying what they would need to start their own gardens during the quarantines.

FIFABQ started making and giving away boxes in a wildly popular Gift of Growing program. Moved by a news story highlighting the new program, Alameda Greenhouse wanted to help.

And help they did!

In the form of a donation of epic proportions! Over 7,000 plant starts!!

To begin to express the gratefulness felt would take at least 7 more pages!

Volunteers jumped into action to distribute such an astounding donation to the newly developed program *See the list of organizations and programs below that were assisted through their generosity

Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, & flowers were potted and sheltered from ABQ’s late freeze. Plant babies were sent as far away as Farmington! Really!

Thank you Alameda Greenhouse for being our HERO! You are making the movement Move!

From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!


*Where’d those tomatoes go?!

Gift of Growing Recipients

Neighbors of members

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