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Attack of the truckload of fruit

If I had a nickel for every time my vehicle was overflowing with various types of freshly harvested produce, I’d have plenty of nickels for sure, maybe even enough for a tank of gas!

Sometimes, I can plan ahead of a harvest to know exactly where all those fruits are going but more often than not I’m running on the fly. Not knowing prior to going into the harvest how much will be harvested, therefore not being able to concisely plan ahead where it’s going to go.

So it goes, we harvest 1 ton of sweet corn and we have go to shuck and shuck it fast. It’s then my fruit fear kicks in, a fear of not being able to move this food fast enough. My thumbs flying across my keypad calling volunteers and organizations lining up the drop spots. All the while wishing for the time to create a better system of distribution but knowing now is not the time to pine over this.

The next stage occurs the moment the first stop is made and the hatch is thrown open revealing a literal ton of deliciously fresh corn on the cob. That’s when the fruit fear sets in for the person on the other side. The initial fear is simple “Is she going to make me take ALL of this?”

The best part is what happens next, the explanation. Explaining that no, by no means would we expect anyone to take that much. We only give what can be used, minimizing waste. That's when the excitement comes into play.

From there it’s easy and it’s pure joy handing out the days hard earned bounty to excited hands. The food is then passed to the kitchens where it will be lovingly prepared for those whom need it most.

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