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Catch the Quiet Moments

The day has found me in a hush. The freshly fallen snow has insulated most of the sound from the environment around me. Disturbed only by the creaking of the frozen pinon trees, their needles clink as though toasting each other on another year well done. I am proud of them too for the pinon they produced even in the face of drought. They persisted.

This is the quietest I have sat in...months. I let my mind wander and be lulled away by the wonderland outside the window. In my wandering mind, I come to fully realize the year has nearly entirely passed.

A constant steady buzz and flurry of movement and motion.

A roller coaster of joy, excitement, fear, love, pride, anxiety, & thankfulness.

When I look back over the year I feel deep pride in knowing what Food is Free Albuquerque is really capable of when times aren’t ‘easy’. I also feel a sense of sadness for the lost moments of the things we didn’t get to do.

I have watched so many of you in our community really step up and do some really truly amazing things. It has been one of the most inspiring years of my life to witness and for that, Thank You. Your hard work, tenacity, and grit has not gone unnoticed. We see you.

Keep Going.

But first.

Remember to rest.

The beginning of my quiet time started with my first Green Tomato Pie. A happy time for me, a sad time for my family (because they were hoping for apple) - delicious, quiet, and perfect. Try it HERE

That’s the hardest thing for me, to stop and let my mind wander a little bit. I’m sure it’s hard for you too. It’s okay though to rest, even if it’s just for a moment or two. You deserve that quiet moment in time.

You’ve done so well and we at FIFABQ are just so incredibly proud to share this community with you.

Failure is impossible.

Susan B. Anthony

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