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Exploring the Uncharted

It is a hard truth.

Life is not back to "normal".

It is scary.

We are in a new routine - but many of us, myself included, are still trying to figure out what that looks like.

How do we operate and live?

Honestly, as positive as I try to be, life is complicated right now and it is overwhelming.

We are all exploring uncharted territory.

Food > supplies > healthcare...

How do we care for ourselves and how do we care for each other?

We cannot pour from an empty cup.

We cannot be expected to care for each other if we are not caring for ourselves.

So where do I, we, go from here?

STEP 1 > Identify what YOU need

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

STEP 2> Care for your YOURSELF

Look for a way to address your NEEDS.

Perhaps a hike or walk, take a nap, or scream into a pillow.

Find an activity that makes you happy or try a NEW one! Plant a small garden, find a new walking trail, get lost in a new book, or learn to cook something new.

STEP 3 > Identify what YOU have to SHARE

There is a STRONG correlation between well-being and social sharing.

Do we give because it makes us feel better? Because we have excess?

Because it makes us feel needed?

No matter your reason - when you give, it is not only the receiver who benefits, but the well.

STEP 4 > We come out on the other side

We are better working together and sharing with our community. We give what we have and are open to receiving what others have to share. By working together, we can make it to the other side. By thinking of the whole, filling each other's cups, and in turn allowing others to fill our own, WE CREATE BETTER.

We create certainty. We heal.

While we navigate the uncertainty, let's look toward the FUTURE.

Together is how we navigate this time.

If you are in need of food or in need of supplies - the Albuquerque community is building resources to help meet those needs:

United Way Food Pantries List

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