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Innovative Hands - Happy Hands

Stepping onto the S.M.A.S.H. Bus instantly causes the brain to light up in all the areas which hold creativity. You’ll find drawers filled with egg shells, withered lemon and orange rinds that fill reused lettuce containers. There are tin cans brimmed with bottle caps, and pieces of inspiring art lining the walls above the tables. It is a treasure box! EVERYTHING in the bus tells a story and will convince you that everyone here is capable of creating.

The artist behind this space is Shelly Schucker, or as others know her, Michelle Korte. She has been teaching art for over 20 years and her passion is contagious. Her ability to teach and inspire is astounding, which explains why Shelly has taught creative arts all over - Chicago, Oakland, Albuquerque!

What is now referred to as the S.M.A.S.H.Bus first came to life in Shelly’s mind, then she did a magic thing and she created it! The bus has seen many transformations since its inception in 2017, each elevating its mission and it’s magic. The magic of a mobile art studio has since expanded her to work to include not only a growing number of communities, but also detention centers, refugees, and teens experiencing homelessness. This bus provides opportunities for self-expression, collaboration, and meaningful experiences to people from all walks of life. The S.M.A.S.H. Bus is designed to create inclusive and accessible art-making opportunities for a variety of diverse communities through the resourceful use of locally collected found object materials.

Art is a universal language that builds bridges of understanding and connects us to who we are while empowering a collective and innovative mind. Art making offers a way to channel the rampant emotional, physical, and spiritual disconnect in our modern society into innovative and original articulations.

The SmashBus has grown right alongside FIFABQ, joining and supporting our mission through art at countless events. We both believe using your hands to CREATE - art, food, anything is a freeing and cathartic process.

Soon enough you can find her and experience this at our annual seed share: Saturday, February 29,2020 at 11am.

We love our Shelly Schucker!

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