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Solidarity, Not Charity

#GivingTuesday is the biggest day for nonprofit organizations to receive critical year-end funding + the official start of Giving Season. The nonprofit sector can often feel like a real-life version of The Hunger Games when it comes to funding, with each organization competing to be the most deserving of dollars. This year has not exactly eased this.

This year, Food is Free ABQ decided to take a new approach to #GivingTuesday. Because of the pandemic and the challenges that have come with it, we have formed some incredible partnerships and friendships because we were all looking to tackle the same issues in different ways.

This year we have chosen commUNITY partners. These organizations are near and dear to our hearts - searching to take on some type of food insecurity. This is an issue that unifies us as non-profits and as community members in Albuquerque. We chose our partners based on their passion for sustainability, the power of food, and their commitment to the world around them.

This year on #GivingTuesday we ask that you help to build a stronger Albuquerque. When you give to FIFABQ, we ask that you split your donation with one of our commUNITY partners. We are not in this fight alone and we cannot do it alone. We rely on our partners' success because when they succeed, we are all better.

We ask that you take a look at our partners and choose the one that speaks to you most.

> Roots Farm and Natural Learning Center focuses on sustainable agriculture and education

> Mandy's Farm boasts an AgrAbility program that provides educational & vocational support around farming

> Food Not Bombs ABQ offers solidarity through the sharing of resources including

meals, clothing, and other supplies

> Rio Grande Food Project is the largest food pantry on ABQ's Westside

& is the host of Hunger Relief Urban Garden

By splitting the donation you share the good. You share hope. You help to build a better Albuquerque.

Visit our "Solidarity, Not Charity" Donation Form and choose how you will create a stronger commUNITY.

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