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The Gift of Growing

Two Thousand Nineteen - what a year.

Many of us (me included) wished this year good riddance between the global and local turmoil and the everyday life of hustle and bustle.

Then Twenty-Twenty came rolling in… Priorities shift and swirl and here we are. Although we may not be doing what we planned at this exact minute, that doesn’t mean we cannot move forward.

A memory popped up on Facebook the other day - the VERY first thing we did as a group in Albuquerque back in 2015 - a self-watering garden box. It was simple, very simple - but it was very much in the spirit of Austin, TX Food is Free Project. It was serendipitous, to say the least.

Fast-forward to 2020 and here we are again. Dirt. Manure. Pallets. Effort. All freely-offered for the betterment of the people. Everything began to come together - born from Erin’s beautiful brain - the Gift of Growing! This marvelous community gift would not have been possible without our expansive and loving COMMUNITY. Albuquerque you are gorgeous in looks and spirit.

Because of our community, FIFABQ is thrilled to offer some peace, serenity, and normalcy back into the lives of some lovely Albuquerque residents! A spin-off off of our Accessible Garden Program, this is what we are calling The Gift of Growing! We hope this Gift will aid our community during these difficult times. Something to look forward to - something to plant the seeds of intention, the seeds of the future, and of course the seeds of FOOD.

We will be offering a very limited amount of small planters or pots, which will be given away <based on random computer selection to make this as fair as possible>!

Once these tiny garden babies are gone - they are gone. These gifts will come with soil and some seeds. If you have an area to plant seeds but need some, we can offer that too!

To honor social distancing here’s how it will work:

-The Gift of Growing will be left outside your door for collection. Please do not come outside to thank us. If you feel so inclined, we'd love a nice note or update on your growing via social media!

-Worried you'll miss it? Don't worry! We’ll let you know it’s there via a general drop off schedule + door knock.

-You will be responsible for moving your Gift to where you need or want it to be and creating your garden of serenity

Keep an eye on our social media for the official announcement and for more details on how to have a shot of one of these beauties for yourself or a loved one!

With Love + Determination, FIFABQ

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