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Valentine's Day Special <3

Are you having a tough time finding something for that special someone in your life?

To us, Valentine's Day is not just about the partner in your life - it is about who brings something special to your life: a friend, your child, co-worker, anyone who adds the oomph to your life!

Give the gift that gives TWICE! Once to your loved one, once to the community! Donate to FIFABQ between now and February 14th (we get it - sometimes the BEST gifts are last minute!)

and we at FIFABQ will send a special Valentine to your special someone.

1. Make your donation:

ALL donations are Tax Deductible as a 501c3 Non-Profit!

2. Email your name, loved one's name & email, donation amount & program choice to:

[Program Choices: Tree Mapping, Harvesting, Food Forest, Accessible Gardens, Seed Sharing, Mindful Distribution]

3. On February 14th we will send your Valentine an email describing WHAT their gift will fund OR post it on social media for you to tag for the world to see!

Enjoy February & let's get ready for some seeding/planting!


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