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We invite you to DREAM...

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Edit: Our January blog was written under an idealist lens, before the very serious and outrageous events that occurred this past Wednesday at our nation's capital and several local legislative buildings across the country, including our very own in New Mexico. We have not lost sight of the serious issues our communities continue to face.

There is serious work to be done in the face of systemic racism, wealth distribution, and food injustice. Basic human rights should not be reserved for "special" subsets of people.

While the piece FIFABQ & the Albuquerque community play is a very small part of systems that desperately need to be rebuilt, we take our role with the utmost seriousness

Shew! We made it to January!

I don't say this because of the whole 'It's a new year!' mentality but because January may be my favorite month.


Because this is a time when I get to sit for 31 days and purge every goal, dream, or idea that floats through my mind, I don't have to explain or create a plan. I only have to speak it.

I have so much fun during this time thinking of all that could be and reimagining current systems.

Some days it can be challenging to be in that mindset when I can see all the work needing to be done. It can sometimes feel as though I am not productive enough because literally, my head is in clouds. Then I stop.

Yes, stop.

It is ok to have your head in the clouds. It is ok to think beyond what currently is. That is work, and it is equally productive. It just doesn't fit in this capitalist paradigm we live in and can feel horribly uncomfortable. I choose to shift the paradigm and redefine what productive means to me & hopefully others too.

I would like you to join us in this creative process.

I want you to share your biggest idea.

I want you to share your smallest idea.

I want to invite you to dream.

Dreams aren't just for stories. They are where innovation and change are born. Isn't that why we're here? To find outside of the box ideas to provide solutions to the problems we are facing? Innovation comes from bold concepts.

In my most humble opinion, this is why I believe we should take the time to entertain our imaginations of the world we want to live in.

The concept of creating a time in space for this intentional reimagination period was born from a place we called 'The Parking Lot.' I loved and hated the Parking Lot.

I loved that these seemingly random ideas had a place to live but would often leave me feeling as though these big ideas were flawed. Which ultimately led to me feeling I was flawed for being so "airy." It was never too airy. The Parking Lot just needed to be reimagined.

That is precisely what we did. We dedicated an entire month to honoring ideas. No matter how lofty or seemingly simple. Inviting others to join us at the table and encouraging conversations of new possibilities. A collaborative effort to dream up a collective vision for the future.

It is just the simple idea of listening to one another with open minds.
I Love it. I love hearing people's visions and hopes, and dreams.

It is a beautiful thing to dream.

Feel free to use this space to explore your own goals or your envisionments for the future. There are no rules here.

Just write out what Your vision is.

That's it, nothing more. Just get it out of your head.

Fill out this form.

Send us an email.

Write it on a piece of paper.

Tell a friend.

Create freely, bravely, & audaciously.

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