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Taking the Time to Grow

Growth is important but not just the growth you can see on the surface but that deep under the ground growth is vital to survival. Fruit trees are like that, up above the ground the foliage is bright and green bursting against the backdrop of the sky. Blossoms dappled along each branch, offering the promise of fruit this season. On the surface we see the beauty but what we cannot see, is the roots. All the energy to create such beauty is being pulled from the depths and sent to provide. Yet no nourishment is going to the roots.

It is recommended the blossoms be plucked off young trees, to stimulate root growth. Allowing the small and enthusiastic tree to send nourishment and energy into it’s developing root system. Older trees can also benefit from this plucking of the buds as well, allowing our old friend to rest her weary self, her roots need the nourishment too. Giving this gracious gift of time to rest and heal means there will be bounty in a different year. Often it may feel sad to pluck off the beautiful blossoms, it is sometimes what is best for growth.

We have a very deep love and affection for the trees which provide for us year after year. Working so hard, and at great cost, to yield us an abundance which leaves our hearts full, our bellies fed, and our eyes in awe. We respect the need to rest, to send those nutrients to the roots.

We have come to realize, people are like this too. Our group takes this analogy to heart. Growth can happen in the form of the seen but it also happens unseen. It was difficult for us to come to that conclusion. The conclusion of it is ok if we are growing our roots and on the surface it seems as though we have produced nothing. Allowing our mission to flow as a tree flows.

Some years we will produce such an abundance of tasks, everyone takes notice and is left awe struck as the list of accomplishments grow. Some years the accomplishments will be small, subtle, maybe even invisible to the naked eye. Strengthening our core, healing ourselves, and connecting with our roots.

It’s this which keeps us on the path. It’s this which provides the strength to keep moving forward.

The blooms are ideas, which burst forward with enthusiasm and no care except to be beautiful. Ideas and plans are ever flowing; always evolving. Much to the pain in our hearts at times, we cannot grow each one. Often we have to pluck them off and leave them for later. Allowing our roots to strengthen.

Next time your heart is asking you to breath, to step back; remember it’s ok. It’s ok to take the time to focus on the under the surface, which no one else but you can see. Grow your roots, so when the season is right, you can burst forth with the amazing abundance you are capable of.

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