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The Abundance of Giving

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Welcome dear reader, we’re glad you’re here.

If you’ve been following us for a while you are familiar with how much we describe the abundance and strive to live by that model. If you’re new, welcome to the wide and wild world of abundance modeling.

This was my first year handing over the logistics of our annual Seed Share to other team members and embracing the abundance of community care. To say that my heart exploded when I arrived that day would be an understatement.

The morning was brisk, just as any early spring day should be.

There was bustle happening right at 8 am as volunteers and members began arriving.

I really needed more coffee.

The anticipation was thick.

Unload all the things.

Why are there so many things?

Recognizing how cool this event has become.

Move things here.

Move them there.

Where’s the goat?

Suddenly, it was 10:57 am

Oh my goodness, so many people!

The flow of community members in that first hour was A LOT!

People coming

People talking

People with bags of seed packets

The seed drop off table was overflowing

There was a line of folks waiting to enter the museum to sift through the abundance

It was electric

A little over an hour into the event

The flow became a trickle

Steady and consistent

Yet, nothing like that initial floodgate style of the very beginning

It occurred to me

Something beautiful and fantastic


I know I have seen events offering free items and if I cannot get there right at the beginning I won’t typically go.


Because I anticipate I have probably missed the best part.

This event is such a wonderful example of abundance.

Not only did we never run out of seeds

We still had a wide variety of seeds at the end of the event


With the seeds community members brought in to leave at our seed drop-off table, we probably ended up with the exact same amount of seeds we came with!

We came with over 8,000 packets of seeds to share!

Abundance begets abundance

This event is the prime example of this model

We came prepared to share abundantly with our community

Our community came to share abundantly with us

With YOU

Through this, we never ran out

We never got low

In past years we have had concerns of: Not Enough

Last year we threw that out the window, as the seed packet count exceeded 15,000


Because there IS enough

Next year, dear reader, don’t hesitate to come at the beginning, middle, or very tail end

There will be enough for you, probably your neighbor, maybe even a friend or five

Thank you for making our 6th annual Seed Share wildly successful, beautiful, abundant, and electric!

Keep growing.

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