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What Does This all Mean?

After 5 ½ years we have taken the leap. We hoped for a swan dive, with the grace of 7 synchronized swimmers. We prepared to find no water and face plant onto the hard, unforgiving concrete at the bottom of the pool. Instead it has been more of a speed walking, stumbling perpetual fall.

We keep finding momentum which keeps us upright and moving forward. No one told us we simply need to keep moving forward, or actually, they absolutely did. The level of love and support we have behind us is indescribable. It’s a humbling thing to know those you love most are watching you do this bizarre controlled free fall into the unknown, and they don’t falter for a moment. It means everything to be believed in, so completely.

What does this all mean? It means Food is Free Albuquerque is about to grow in leaps and bounds. It means we are looking to provide more support to our amazing volunteers than just apples sometimes. It means we will be serving more members in the community. It means we're going to save the world!

We live in a world in which we are constantly inundated with what’s wrong with the world. What we so often miss is the immense good occurring underneath our noses. Here in Albuquerque we can tell you first hand about some of that good. Our group has been at the epicenter of great things to come to come in our beautiful city. We have used the past nine months to build quality long term relationships within the community. The collaboration with SWOP regarding the Edible Community Park (ECP) has been an exceptionally rewarding relationship we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

We're looking forward to the future and more collaborations on the horizon.



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