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Creeping Fruit Creepers

In the beginning, we had to go find the fruit. Which was endlessly enjoyable for us. We always had boxes and bins on the ready in case we found something.

I could not even begin to guess how many hours, how many weird handwritten notes on crumpled pieces of paper that we had found on the car floor, or how many trees we spied.

I only know eventually we had a name for the task we were doing.

Fruit creeping.

fruit creeps
We found this giant tree peaking over the roof of a house

It is exactly as it sounds. It is driving down streets and alleyways, real slow. It is one head out the passenger side, careening their neck in an attempt to identify a hard to see tree. It is parking in a real fast hurry upon spying something Epic!

We have joked for many years what it must look like when the fruit group is out on the street. I hope I will never Not laugh at the utter ridiculousness of us.

Now, people just call us, making the fruit creeping less necessary.

We have recently taken to fruit walking, which gets in our steps and challenges our identification skills. It is almost as fun, although not quite as silly.

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