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Looking for A Board Member

WHO: FIFABQ is looking to add 1-2 additional board members to our crew. WHAT: The fact is we need a working board. We are a crew of tenacious go-getters with a lot of passion and heart. Also, we’re funny. Funding will come, but we need an amazing team to get us there. WHEN: We ask for a minimum commitment of 5 hours per month. Though in full transparency, because we are so new, it will probably be more. You won’t mind though, Trista does her best to bring snacks. WHY: We have a lot of drive and big goals. While certain we will accomplish these goals in time, we recognize that many hands make light work. This is a two heads are better than one sort of situation. Besides, it’s a tad awkward to work towards better changes in our community without their involvement and support. Also, did I mention that we’re funny?

FIFABQ’s mission focuses on the abundance of food around us--there is an estimated 2+ million pounds of "forgotten food" that goes to waste annually in backyards alone. We are striving to connect this fresh, local source to the hungriest parts of our community, which are often inundated with end-of-life, high-carbon footprint foods. We would like to show our community that there is a better way. This is accomplished through our several various programs such as the gleaning and distribution program, our annual Seed Share, accessible front yard community gardens, and community food forests.

Applications are being accepted until December 1, 2019 and can be found here.

If you would like more information, please reach out to

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