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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I bet you thought I was about to start writing a standard holiday year in review. You would be correct. Yet you would also be wrong.

This year has been anything but standard.

This year has also had moments of clarity.

It is only fair to write out this end-of-the-year message with an homage to the twisty turny, upside downy, right side uppy year we all shared.

Looking back nearly twelve months feels like yesterday and seven years ago simultaneously.

We charged into 2020 with determination and anticipation.

Plans were made.

Goals were set.

People were ready.

January was the month for dreaming, and dream we did.

A chilly outdoor meeting with some markers, Post-its, and a re-envisioned tackle box.

It was all written down and secured in the Box of Dreams for safekeeping,

To be pulled out at the end of the year party to see what had been brought to fruition.

February the seeds we had planted were being carefully tended to as we moved into the year.

Seed donations flooded in! ‘This Seed Share was going to be the largest yet’ we thought.

We were not wrong.

Thousands of seeds were shared and swapped

Hundreds of community members came to share, to help, and to gather.


We didn’t know then.

March came in like a lion.

It knocked us off our feet.

It was as though the collective was holding its breath.

We. The community. Us.

The unknown.

We stepped together.

I’m proud of you for that.

It was brave and it was necessary.

It was this unknown which brought The Gift of Growing.

A $50 budget, some pallets, and suddenly a whole lot of free time.

An undercurrent of movement was on its way, we just didn’t know it yet.

While I was in my garage learning how important it was to measure wood,

The community was jumping into community care action.

Waves of mutual aid brought resources to the doors of so many.

A moment had arrived and our community rose to it.

That undercurrent arrived at our feet and would carry us into uncharted waters.

Through immense community support, the ABQ commUNITY built the boat & we all set sail.

March through December was filled with stories, heartache, and success.


We had to redefine what this meant.

Sometimes daily. Sometimes more often than that.

A few of our highlights.

I don’t think words can describe our year.

Words could, but it would be so many of them and then this wouldn’t be a blog.

It would have to be a book.

We saw the flood of community action. [<< Links to beautiful acts]

It was inspiring, needed, and humbling.

Thank you.

As we say goodbye to 2020,

It is with relief.

It is with sadness.

It is with pride.

It is with hope.

None of us knows what 2021 has in store for us.


We know we won’t be alone.

I am so thankful to know we have each and every one of you.

Onward we shall all go.

Merry Holidays and a Healthy New Year


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